Paul under oak tree.jpg


The Artist

Paul is a self-taught painter. He usually paints figuratively and expressionistically and prefers to paint in a larger format. He considers himself an ecologist and therefore tries to work as much as possible with natural materials such as pigments (whether or not collected and prepared himself), egg yolk, gum arabic, etc.




The Organizer

Organizer and much more! Marina has been at Paul's side since 1994 and arranges everything that he doesn't get around to, doesn't feel like or (usually) can't. Consultation, organization, etc., it is safe in Marina´s hands which also teach yoga, write and run Back to La Tierra.


Paul & Marina portrait horizontal 2022 copy.jpg


The Visual Artist

Seb sees the world through his own artistic lense, resulting in original audiovisuals to portray Paul's paintings. View his latest video on natural painting here. If you like rap/hip hop listen to his songs here