Galerie Gaudium 

1. Exposition Galerie Gaudium Amsterdam

From November 3, 2022 to February 2, 2023, Paul exhibits at Galerie Gaudium in Amsterdam, Tweede Goudsbloemdwarsstraat 5.

Gaudium is a place where beautiful vintage items are sold. Furniture, lamps and many other objects from the last decades.

In this exhibition Paul shows his turnaround from traditional painting with ready-made oil and acrylic paint to more natural materials such as pigment-bound egg yolk, gum arabic, linseed oil, etc. Paul also often uses charcoal and iron filings, which he allows to oxidize. It gives a special combination of texture and color.


Mijas, Málaga


The whole summer of 2022 four of Paul's paintings will be exhibited in Restaurante Alboka Gastro in the very centre of Mijas Pueblo.

A great place with terrace, fantastic food and an impressive wine cellar!

2. Exposition Restaurant Alboka
Mijas Pueblo