Painting with natural materials


Every time you rinse a brush in the sink, thousands of micro-small pieces of plastic go down the drain. No one knows exactly where they end up, but these microplastics have been found in areas where people had never been before, it is suspected that they ended up there through the rain...


It's one of the reasons why I switched to natural materials for my art work a while ago. Until the industrial revolution everything was organic, there was no waste, everything went back in the circle, including paint materials. Artists made their own paint from pigments that they found nearby or that someone brought with them from a journey. Binders such as egg yolk, gum arabic and linseed oil were used and the most beautiful paintings were made, which we can still admire in the museums around the world.


Other than being in a hurry, there's no excuse not to switch to natural materials, as it takes more time to make your own paint. But the satisfaction of a finished work with the stuff you have made yourself is more satisfying, the work of art is even more yours. The creative process starts before putting the brush on the canvas. Preparing your own colours and consistency adds mindfulness to what you are going to do with them and in some way in will influence the outcome. For the better? You will tell me!


What I know now is that through these techniques I have found a new approach to what I want to create and finally works appear on the canvas that I subconsciously knew were coming, if only I would get closer to the best method for me. The subtlety of colour schemes and the depth of the different layers of pigments allow me to focus on a whole new way of expression.


So why don’t you try to take your work to a deeper level at our natural retreat Back to La Tierra in Mijas, Spain? You will learn where and how to find and use these materials in the setting of our food forest, possibly the best kind of place to switch to a more natural way of getting the best out of you.


Workshops will be held in Mijas and Marbella.

The location in Mijas is Back to La Tierra, a small natural retreat. This workshop retreat (5 days/4 nights) is for those wanting to immerse themselves into the whole experience and take their art to a deeper level. More...

The Panorama 187 location in Marbella is for a 3 consecutive day workshop for people living locally.