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Paul in studio II

Paul about his work:

It is known that when people communicate more information is passed on with body language than with words. We often don't notice it, but subconsciously we send out signals in the hope that the message gets across better. It is a posture, a gesture or a facial expression that strengthens, weakens or adds value to the spoken words.


In the era of digital conversation a lot of information gets litteraly lost in translation. And it has to be fast, it gives a false sense of efficiency.


A painting on the other hand freezes a non-verbal moment in time. My paintings have a message.

Is is clear that I am the sender but the revelation of the message is in the eyes of the beholder.


Body language must be the oldest form of communication and to stay as close as possible to authenticity I decided to work with the materials that have always been available: pigments and natural binders such as egg yolk, resin and oil. Most of the pigments I find in the Andalucian hills where I live and my chickens supply the eggs. 


That means that the creation of a work of art starts much earlier and becomes even more personal. It makes me feel good and motivates, it is the logical next step in the creative conscious way of life that we pursue in our homestead in Southern Spain, see

Paul in Studio 1
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