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Paul in studio II

Paul Arts

Paul began his artistic journey with portraits, initially focusing on realism. Over the years, his work became increasingly fantastical. In 2018, in collaboration with his partner Marina, he launched the ecological project "Back to La Tierra" near Málaga, Spain ( This initiative inspired him to incorporate natural materials more prominently into his artworks.

Currently, he mainly works with "earthy" materials, such as pigments he finds in his surroundings in Andalusia and white lime paint, from which the Pueblos Blancos derive their name. These compositions often include iron and copper powder, which he oxidizes. As a binder, he uses egg yolk ("from our own chickens, of course"), Arabic gum, and linseed oil. Some pieces are finished with a layer of (ecological) epoxy for added depth and protection.

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Paul in Studio 1
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