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My Artistic Journey with Simple Ingredients: Iron, Copper, and Natural Pigments.

CARVAJAL, 120 x 100 cm

My adventure into art didn't start with big dreams but with a love for painting. I'm here to share my story, a simple one, about finding beauty in the ordinary, using ingredients like iron, copper, and natural pigments.

Back in 2010, painting was just a hobby for me. I used to be a dentist, and art was a way to step back from the serious dental world. Over time, my love for creativity grew quietly.

In my art, I use everyday materials like iron and copper powders. It's not fancy; it's a modest process where these powders change over time through oxidation. The canvas becomes a place where I let these materials and nature work together. It's not about making a big statement; it's about creating simple patterns and textures that tell their own stories.

The beach near my home is my inspiration, and I name each piece simply, like 'Carvajal.' These artworks carry a connection to nature – earthy tones, natural textures, and the subtle beauty of oxidation, echoing the cycles of life.

My art is a humble exploration of impermanence, embracing the simple changes that come with time. The oxidized surfaces on the canvas are not meant to dazzle but to quietly speak about life's journey.

As I continue this simple artistic journey, I also use natural pigments found in my surroundings. It's like bringing bits of nature directly onto the canvas. These natural pigments, combined with iron and copper, create a simple symphony of colors and textures.

The canvas is a quiet space where I welcome simple allies like iron, copper, and natural pigments to join me in this unassuming exploration. I invite you, the viewer, to share in this simple world where time, nature, and creativity come together in a modest way.

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